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Default Re: Just a question

For me my "voices" are so strange. My doctor said they are things called illusions in psychology. I never hear them inside my head. I only hear them outside with a noise over them. Like when the train whistles, I also hear the train speaking. The animals sound like they are talking when they are just chirping or barking or whatever. (My doctor asked me about this one and made me feel ashamed for being sick actually.) I don't visually hallucinate them coming up to me other than the house cats which other people can see too. I can't listen to my iPod or any other music anymore without it happening that I hear something in the music like it's telling me a very deep dark secret. I just laugh at what all these voices tell me because none of them are dangerous but they are bizarre. I can't stand it though and nothing I've tried gets rid of them unless I'm quite focused on something.
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Default Re: Just a question

Mine grew worse with age
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Shocked Re: Just a question

Originally Posted by Seqoya View Post
Looking back mine did not appear all at once. But it wasn't over a long period of time that they appeared either.

However, I actually had Type Two Bipolar without any Psychosis, for I believe at least eight years starting before I turned 18, looking back.

I wasn't diagnosed with Bipolar that many years sooner. I was diagnosed with Bipolar three years before the Schizoaffective Disorder came on and I was told that the Mental Health Professionals were as sure as they could possibly be without doing a blood test, which there isn't one for Bipolar.

I'm postive that there was no Psychosis and that I did have Bipolar Disorder earlier before the Schizoaffective Disorder like I said.

I could be wrong but I don't think adults that have Bipolar Disorder have it turn into Schizoaffective Disorder often at all, especially after they've had the Bipolar as long as I'd had it.

However, I'm convinced that's what happened with me considering my psychiatric history and diagnosis.
I was diagnosed with bi-polar when I was 14 and only in my mind twenties did thepsychosis begin and I was diagnosed with schizoeffective disorder. I think that is more common than you would think,
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Default Re: Just a question

My symptoms got worse over the course of several years, until I ended up homeless and living out of a shopping cart. A community mental health center took me in and got me on meds, and over the course of 12 years I have stabilized and even gotten a little better. Still wonder what a day without voices would sound like--it's been a decade since they shut up for a whole day.
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