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Default Cycles of SZA

Good day, SZA sufferers.

I've been working on a mental illness memoir for the last few months. As I write the scenes, I realize how cyclical my symptoms are: a few months of less symptoms, then half a year with bad symptoms. I try to figure out what causes these cycles, but so far I have not got it. And for a few months, every few years, the cycles are really vicious, like a bad cycle on steriods.

Do any other members of the SZA forum experience their symptoms in cycles? How long do the cycles last?
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Default Re: Cycles of SZA

Yes, my symptoms cycle very similar to yours by the sound of it. It gets very bad for awhile every few years a cycle on steroids. Stress is probably the culprit I imagine but most of the time I handle stress well so I just don't understand why sometimes I switch like I do. Someone recently was trying to tell me it's because I'm special in a good way. They obviously don't get it at all.....this stuff isn't good, it's absolutely horrifying. I wish I could figure out for certain WHY it happens so I could put a lasting stop to it all.
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Default Re: Cycles of SZA

I tend to have mild to moderate episodes every 3-4 months or so. Then out of nowhere for years at a time I'll be severely unwell. Then it'll "go away" for a while. So yea... definitely have cycles.
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Default Re: Cycles of SZA

I also notice some kind of cycling going on when I was experiencing my psychotic episodes when I was younger. Several times they seem to come about roughly the same time each year. My old friend's book or website had a study that found a correlation between episodes happening at a certain time of the year. I have been trying to find that study again at his website and will post a link here if successful.


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Default Re: Cycles of SZA

I haven't been able to identify a pattern. I feel I am chronically ill without my meds. My moods swing in cycles but, the parinoia is always there.
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