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Default Am i Schizoaffective?

Hello All,
A few months ago my doctor diagnosed me with schizoaffective disorder, I was wondering if anyone had the following symptoms, or do I more closely mirror OCD (like other psych doctors have told me)? Right now I am on 2.5 mg of zyprexa and 40 mg of Prozac and feel great however when I wasn't I thought that things like soap or mustard (anything that i used or ate) would have AIDS in it or that doing certain actions would make the Devil take my soul. I always knew that these wouldn't happen but the doubt in me made me believe, I also had a mental breakdown where I thought that everyone was a computer generated program around me. When I had my obsessions I did have compulsions such as washing my hands or touching things for multiple times, So my question is does my behavior reflect schizoaffective or OCD with psychotic features?
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Default Re: Am i Schizoaffective?

Hi Allycat.
You certainly can have OCD and many other problems along with schizoaffective disorder. Co-morbid conditions are very common.
As for whether you have schizoaffective disorder or not, no one other than a trained psychiatrist or medical expert in that field would be able to give you a certain diagnosis, and then only face to face. The disorder itself can be tricky to diagnose, and in terms of how people experience it, it is a moving target. Diagnoses can easily change. That can make attaching yourself to a particular label rather a bumpy ride.

I hope you find the best treatment for what you are going through.

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I agree w tsunami. Schizoaffective is so varied. I have it with PTSD but I also have side symptoms of ocd, but not strongly enough to get in the way and interfere with my life.
Good luck!

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