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Default 61 Score - Pretty much accurate

Based upon your answers, you appear to be in generally good mental health, with some specific concerns or issues in your life. Most people have such issues to varying degrees -- some seek outside help for them from a mental health professional like a psychologist, psychiatrist or psychotherapist, while others are happy with the way things are in their life. People with similar scores sometimes feel overwhelmed by the occasional stress in life, but usually recover and are fairly resilient.

This is actually a boost to my self-esteem! The test did point out my "Internet Addiction" and my episodes of mania, which I pretty much knew about.

The mild PTSD did shock me a bit though. I am not sure where this actually came from, but it was noted on the test. I am thinking about asking my therapist about this.

It was also noted that I am too heavy for my height, which I pretty much know, and it indicated that I might have an eating disorder. I think on some level I do though, because I sometimes eat a bit more than I should when I get hungry, and my meals aren't usually balanced. I may look into that too.

Good test though!
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Smile Re: 61 Score - Pretty much accurate

Thanks for sharing your score. Sixty-one sounds pretty good!
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