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Default Closure

Many moons ago
I was happy carefree
Little person who loved
To set their mind
Free in stories and lore.
Then I found that
There is no such
Thing as a bad or good
Person and jealousy
Strikes the hearts
Of the well wishers
And the selfish.
The person in question
Should see how fortunate
They are that it
Was me who cost
Them that job
And not their career
And their reputation
As a person aswell
As a primary teacher.
If I had good parents
Then their *** would
Have been hauled
Before a a panel
To explain why they
Put the fear of death
In a seven year old child.
Who will need some
Form of emotional counselling
For many years.
Making them feel
Like a criminal
Instead of sending
Them to the school nurse.
Humiliating them in front
Of all their peers.
Trying in vain
To force them to say
To the whole class:
I am the sicky one.
Until a class mate
Seeing how much
Pain and distress
You were inflicting
Said It was me.
Leave them alone.
But luckily for you
I had really really bad parents.
And my home life
Was pretty bad for me.
So I never saw you
As a bad teacher.
Just an incompetent one.
And it was just a relief
That you were gone
And replaced by another.
I hope in the day
Of reckoning you
Say you are guilty.
You will say:
Sorry I take the blame,
I was wrong
And I see how much
This has affected
Their life and I hope
They accept my apology.
I did not realise
That I was jealous.
And that I succeeded
In my one (wo)man lynch mob.
And I apologise on
Behalf of my ....also
For the slur he
Shouted in your ear.
He too was wrong.
And me (balthascar) will
Give the thumbs down
And the trap door
Will open and I will
Wave as both your souls
Disappear and I don't
Know what circle
You will arrive at.
I am no angel after all.
My conscience can take it.
Closure is sweet.
Revenge is bitter sweet.
I was sweet seven.
Do the right thing
And I can promise
Never to bring you
Up when the Americans
Invite me to talk
To Mr Connelly's wife.
They do love psychology
So do the yanks.
I can let them see,
The scar you left me.
Hell, I can rip it open
And it will heal.
I have been through worse.
Yours is unique.
Its not pretty but
If I look at it enough,
I smile at the irony.
Because the scar tissue
Is much tougher.
And you cannot
Get much tougher
Than my ride.

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Default Re: Closure

((((Balthascar810)))) I'm so sorry you're struggling.
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