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Originally Posted by (JD) View Post
<font color="darkblue"> Another excellent move, DocJohn! Welcome!

The evidence of faith in our lives permeates into even the mental unwellness we experience. Unfortunately, many of us "lose" faith depending upon the severity of our illnesses. This doesn't mean we don't need to regain it; We do. But it appears to need to be reframed as the old definition and context no longer work for us.

I believe most of my own difficulties lie in the "fact" that I am a Spiritual Being trying to live a Physical Existence.
This so beautifully expressed JD

I'm glad doc john created this sub-forum. Indeed, coming to terms with one's own world-view or paradigm on existence, their purpose, their spirituality is really important.

I also had a big problem as my own religion was shaken away through my experiences & books that I read. But I found great solace & serenity as I gradually created my own spiritual values & world-view, & found my cosmic purpose Like you say JD, we have to reformat our world-story, faith, & spirituality when our context & old definitions no longer work... this is evolution

And yes, we're essentially spiritual, emotional beings struggling through physical existence, trying to physically uncondition ourselves to become eternal wholes, fully perceiving the "Universal Whole Being / God" that integrates us...
Re-connecting with the Earth - with the whole Earth is the single greatest challenge now facing us as a human species. Nothing short of such a new planetary amalgamation will guarantee the meaning of our deepest needs & the realization of our true desires. Then we can re-learn what it means to be human. Then we can begin to come home to where we truly belong.
~ Diarmuid O'Murchu
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Default Re: Welcome!

Thank you for creating this forum.
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Originally Posted by seeker1950 View Post
I would like to talk about a specific experience I had here...In this last relationship attempt I had with the Psych. Ph.D., I discussed my spirituality with him, to which Ohe repied, "it was all in my mind."
Since then, in the emotional recovery, I've had a very hard time returning to my spiritual base, feeling somehow that revealing that to him contributed to the rejection. Trying to manage on my own, without spiritual support or counseling. I'm okay, but now looking back to my spiritual roots. Feeling the need for this, but also wavering.
Ooooh that's so difficult to recover from. I'm so sorry that happened to you. I was watching a YouTube video of a very old interview from the 60's where a psychiatrist was diagnosing a woman with paranoid delusions because she heard voices. But the voices were of her deceased mother and sister and I was thinking. OMG that's not paranoia, she's psychic. How sad for that spiritually sensitive lady to be treated so. Anyway, you have to understand that a lot of people do not believe in anything after this life and so they have to conclude that. That's ok, you know better right? So, listen to your inward voice and move on. If it were me I'd drop that therapist and find one who understands. My therapist is a psychic intuit as am I.
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