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Arrow Reminder About Hosted Chats

Hosted chats are those that appear in the community calendar:

These chats are hosted by volunteers who give up some time and energy each week to provide a chat room for others to gather in and share a topic.

In respect of these volunteers, I would again remind and ask our members to show common courtesy to them and their fellow members when they enter a hosted chat.

- Show up to the chat on time. Chats start at a specific time and often the chat leader will discuss any rules he or she might have for their chat, as well as their chat topic (if there is one for that week).

- Be aware that each chat leader is free to set their own chat rules (as long as they are in keeping with our community guidelines). It is your responsibility as a member to be familiar with these rules (either by showing up on time, or asking the chat leader about any rules ahead of time in a PM).

- Be aware that each chat leader is free to set a specific chat topic for the week. If you are late to the chat, you can respectfully ask the chat leader if such a topic is set and what it is. But again, if you show up on time, it's far less disruptive to the chat, and helps the chat leader not have to repeat the same information 3 or 4 different times (which can get frustrating and knock the chat off-track with its flow).

- Respect the chat topic if one is set. That means stick to the topic, don't ask off-topic questions or try to derail the chat into a personal discussion if it's not related directly to the topic at hand.

- Do not show up to a hosted chat in the last 10 or 15 minutes and expect to be brought up to speed on the topic, the chat rules, etc. It's both rude and inconsiderate to both the chat leader and your fellow members to do so.

- Treat chat leaders with respect and respect their requests. Chat leaders are there for a reason -- to lead the chat in an orderly discussion or to help the members in a room share in emotional support with one another. If they ask you to do something (or to stop doing something), please respect their requests. Chat leaders are my representatives, so if you disrespect them, you're disrespecting me.

Remember, chats are a free member benefit, but they also come with a minimal degree of responsibility on your part if you choose to participate in one. Showing up at the start of the chat will help address most of these issues, but barring that, you should be respectful if you come in late.

Please respect our chat leaders and their volunteering of their time to host a chat.

Thank you,
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Default Re: Reminder About Hosted Chats

In regards to being on time to chat here is a way to be able to change the calendar to show your time zone. This is the easiest way I have found.

Put your curser on the tab that says My Profile
Click on the area of Edit Personal
On the left side of this page there is a section for Your Control Panel
Scroll down to where it says Settings & Options
Click on the option of Edit Options
Scroll down to Date and Time Options
Set the first area to your time zone and scroll down and click Save Changes

This should set the calendar to your time zone so you know when chats start for you.

I hope this helps

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