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Default I just want my stuff back

Basically this messed up situation happened after this party that I got invited to. This guy named Myles thought that we were gonna hook up but I told him that his friend also wants to hook up with me. Myles lied and said that his friend aiden was cool with it but I found out that aiden wasnít. I got yelled at by their friends Lexi and myles, they both stopped talking to me and told me I was messy for trying to hook up with both of them. But itís not my fault cause myles lied about it. Myles even started a rumor saying that Lexiís gf Carolina told him that I claimed sexual harassment on myles. Pretty much everyone from that party stopped talking to me. A few days ago I messaged Carolina asking her if she started the rumor. She said she heard that I claimed sexual harassment from myles. And that she would never say that about me. She then messaged me on IG saying that ďI talked to myles about it and he unblocked youĒ then I got a message from myles saying sorry. I pretend to be ok with it and said itís cool and I explained my side of the story. He said he wants to stop talking to me and that he feels bad this situation happened. I then told him I donít forgive him cause he started all of this ****. I messaged again saying that aiden has 30 days to give me my sunglasses back. I canít get a hold of aiden so I felt like I had to ask myles for them. I feel like iím not gonna get those glasses back.

Also, before I unfollowed Carolina and Lexi, I told Carolina that I respect her, but that iím going to unfollow her and her gf cause Lexi insulted me when Lexi didnít even know all the drama. Then Carolina said ďthatís fineĒ But then she freaking blocked me. Like for what? Lol smh why did she need to block me? She could have just unfollowed me.

But I still know this mutual friend of theirs who is still on good terms with me, H. H and I are planning to hang out soon. I want to ask her, the next time myles has a party, to bring me with her so that I can confront them and get my stuff back. I know itís gonna start more **** but iím so tired of not getting my stuff back, I want nothing to do with these people I just want whatís mine. Is this legal to do? Lol like if H gets invited to the party, would it be legal for me to come uninvited with her to get the stuff back?
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Default Re: I just want my stuff back

Don't go uninvited to a party. I don't know who these people are but it sounds like high school. And why are you taking direction from another guy about who it's okay to hook up with or not hook up with? Shouldn't that be something you decide on your own?

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Default Re: I just want my stuff back

Iím utterly confused , is this connected to your other thread ???

I wouldnít advise you to go to a party you are not invited to.
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Default Re: I just want my stuff back

Originally Posted by ~Christina View Post
Iím utterly confused , is this connected to your other thread ???

I wouldnít advise you to go to a party you are not invited to.
Agreed. I'm also confused. It seems that the stuff in question is sunglasses. With all the drama, I would consider them a loss and move on. I'd be happy to forfeit a pair of sunglasses in order to get rid of what seems to be a toxic situation.

And I understand it's really annoying to be accused of things, but it sounds like they are going to believe what they're going to believe. Maybe stop trying to convince them, because it's probably just making you look desperate to them, and I think they've made it clear they want nothing to do with you.

I agree with seesaw--you should be deciding on your own with whom you hook up and when. We don't need permission from a guy's friend to hook up with him.

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