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Default Being Upfront before Meeting?

Has anyone here done online dating.. and have you put right into your profile what your mental health issues are?? Or told the person before meeting them?

I think this may be the only way to go for me, because I want to know they would be understanding, but with my past experiences I'm also afraid it could open me up to some form of emotional abuse from people who take advantage of others..

I am really lonely, though, and it's been so long I don't even know how to start dating again..
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Default Re: Being Upfront before Meeting?

I've there are dating websites that cater specifically to our demographic... Maybe you coyld consider using it, that way everything is out in the open from day one.

Unless you're not interested in dating someone who also suffers from MI. Some of us prefer to pair up with "neurological normies"...

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Default Re: Being Upfront before Meeting?

I've done online dating - was where I met my bf.

Personally, I certainly would not disclose my MI.

Reason being, it's not something I disclose to people IRL.

I only told my bf about my bipolar after we'd been dating 5 months.
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Default Re: Being Upfront before Meeting?

I dated online many years ago, and met my X wife online. I never said anything about MI to anyone including my X who I was with for 6 years. She had some issues herself and we hurt each other a lot as a result of both our untreated illnesses in our time together.

If I ever go down the relationship road again, I think I would want to know, and disclose. So that probably means meeting someone within the mental health community.
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Default Re: Being Upfront before Meeting?

I am currently online dating and choose not to disclose as none of them have had the likelihood of going very far as such. I definitely have not put it on my profile. I did read on a profle one guy wrote about his depression issues and that he has them under control. However, I have dated a guy I met here on pc who had sza, that has rather put me off of dating other guys who I know have mental issues. He's probably a nice guy but I am affected badly by someone else when they are in an episode and I will cause me to have one too. Of course, there's really no way of knowing if the guys I do see or talk to have some if they don't disclose either. I pick up on things though from conversation that prick my spidey sense and will not continue the contact.
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