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Default Can't remember my birthday etc

A long time friend of mine can't remember my birthday.even though I have the same birthday as is mom. Multiple times he has said over & over how I am one of his only friends & he only has a dozen people on his contact list on his phone.that's mostly family & work contact on his phone & me.but I usually am the one contacting him on holidays it kind of annoys me ok it really annoys me.i have told him it hurts my feelings he can't remember my year he remembers & the next year he forgets.he has said he never wants to make me feeling bad because he values our the middle of 2016 he started working one full time & one part time I realize he is busy.but to forget my birthday & him remembering one year has annoyed me & made me think he doesn't care & never thinks of me
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Default Re: Can't remember my birthday etc

That's a tough one to reconcile. Did he explain why he struggles valueing holidays and birthdays?
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Default Re: Can't remember my birthday etc

I have never been good with remembering birthdays and it's not something that has to do with how important or valuable someone is to me, I forget my own kid's birthdays all the time. I make sure to watch for them and make note when I can but if you asked the dates it would take me forever to remember. It's just not something that I remember readily.
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Default Re: Can't remember my birthday etc

I've been married to a man for 32 years who still can't remember our anniversary date or my birthdate (or our sons' birthdates). In the scheme of things, it's a small thing and is actually a bit endearing after all these years. It's a running joke in our house. We have learned to just remind him. He isn't being insensitive; he just doesn't have a memory for such things.

Pick your battles. If otherwise he is a good friend, value that.
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Default Re: Can't remember my birthday etc

Birthdays and names are two things that I outright struggle with remembering.

Somebody can tell me their name until they are blue in the face but I still won't remember until I am around the person a lot. Same with birthdays. The only way I remember birthdays is by putting reminders on my phone, otherwise, I forget.

Speaking of which, this thread reminded me that I have a friend who's birthday is sometime this month. Dammit
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