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Default Lonely and feel empty

I suffer from chronic anxiety and depression. I've managed to get it handled enough where I have a nice job that I do well in. I only have a few friends and no success romantically, due both to my issues and not being able to find people in my area that I'm interested in. When I do meet someone I'm interested in, I automatically think there's no way they would be interested in me. I've thought about using tinder/online dating to find a relationship or something more casual and I also want to expand my social circle as well. Anyone who can relate/give advice?
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Default Re: Lonely and feel empty

I think you're right about wanting to expand your social circle - it's a great step forward from the loneliness. When I first separated from my ex husband that loneliness was a killer - I had no one. I consider myself to have one genuine friend - but even with her I see her so occasionally because we live so far apart.

From experience yes I did the online dating and that's how I met my current partner but I think you might have to bounce between a few trolls hanging out on the internet first lol - but definitely worth a shot.

Are there any sorts of clubs in your area that you could join?
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