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Originally Posted by bpforever1 View Post
I met my ex on "No Longer Lonely" site. So, I am happy it worked out for you. My ex was a a walking nightmare. He is the epitome of a gold digger. He never cared one iota about me and his intent was to have easy street at my expense. I almost died while I was with him. I was overweight and had many health problems. But, I ran away from him and it was the best thing I ever did. He is mentally ill too. He has paranoid schizophrenia. I thought he was kind but realized his kindness was a facade. His illness dominated him and he was worse than living with a psychopathic sadist who lied, connived, and stalked me until I had to escape to survive. I wish the best for you and your wife. It seems you have a good thing going. I envy both of you in a good way. Best Wishes!
Thanks for your vote of confidence! Yes we have it good. While we have our bad times we laugh much more than we cry. My wife is schizoaffective, but doesnít let it define her.
Iím sorry you went through what you did. Best wishes back to you.
You live in illusion and the appearance of things. There is a reality, but you do not know this. When you understand this, you will see that you are nothing. And being nothing, you are everything. That is all.
"Kanu Rinpoche"

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