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Default We don't talk anymore..

If you haven't seen my first post in new member introductions, this might be a bit confusing, but I'll try to give a brief summary.

I am in a polygamous relationship; 2girls, 1 guy, we all date each other. I am very happy dating my girlfriend, but I decided I was unhappy with my boyfriend, so we recently broke up, which prompted my joining this group, and my coming to live with my mother for two weeks starting this last Sunday.

Okay, on to what's bothering me.

My boyfriend and I don't talk anymore. At all. We used to have a group chat for the three of us where we used to chat every day. Since we(my boyfriend and I) broke up, the chat has basically been empty.

Today, our girlfriend messaged in group telling us about something good that happened to her. I congratulated her and moved on about my business. Well today at 2am (2:04am exactly) which is 11pm his time, he messaged congratulating her as well. He didn't acknowledge me or my message or anything of the sort.

Which is what I suppose he is supposed to do if we are broken up... but it makes me sad to see his messages. I start thinking about how the messages used to be, and how they're not like that anymore. I get an empty, heavy feeling under my ribs and my heart just kind of... Gently hurts, and weeps.
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Default Re: We don't talk anymore..

When we make changes, change happens. It just takes time to get used to the new normal.
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Default Re: We don't talk anymore..

Yes his reacting seems very normal in that you two are broken up But his relationship with your gf still continues. Maybe it's a passive aggressive way of your gf to try to get you and your ex-bf to be amicable with each other for her sake.
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