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Default Re: Trust and jealousy

Donít believe your insecurities are causing problems. I think itís his behavior towards you that is the source of issues
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Default Re: Trust and jealousy

Originally Posted by Zararose View Post
Yeah I don't feel enough for him. I was paranoid about a new female friend. I looked at his face when her and her boyfriend were acting romantically. Maybe it was just in my head but he looked a little jealous. I asked him if he had a little crush on her. I've read into signs when you can tell someone is lying. He acted defensive and gave reason why it was a silly question... But he never answered the question.

Afterwards I thought, why would he say 'yes' regardless of the truthful answer. That would be like relationship suicide. Unless he WANTED to break up with me, he would never say 'yes to having a crush on anyone. There's really no point in me asking further because he'll just deny it all.

I feel my insecurities are pushing us apart. I'm protecting myself
Maybe look it another way. Your ďinsecuritiesĒ as you refer to them could actually being your gut instincts trying break though and tell you that this is not a healthy relationship.
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