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Default Pull it together?

How am I supposed to not be depressed when everything around me is falling apart. My ex scammed me out of thousands of dollars, had me arrested when I defended myself during a physical altercation, and has drug my name through the dirt with all my friends. My tenants, his friends, have stopped paying rent putting in a financial bind, not to mention the attorney fees. Iíve never been arrested and donít even have a speeding ticket on my recordÖI had a squeaky clean record, but not anymore. This could affect my ability to get a job in the future. Iím completely isolated. I donít have anyone nearby thatís on my side. Hes always helping people out financially so they keep him around. My parents are out of state, but even when I talk to them, they tell me I need to pull it together and things will be fine. I have no control over anything in my life right now and itís spinning out of control. I canít seem to make myself get off the couch. I donít want to shower and I donít want to see or talk to anyone. How am I supposed to ďpull it togetherĒ when thereís no light at the end of the tunnel?
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Default Re: Pull it together?

Welcome to PC!

Figure out what you can control and do more and more of that everyday. Step One--take a walk, shower and eat healthy (cheap like cabbage and onions) food everyday. Stay away from the ex and figure out a long term financial plan. It will take a lot of time but if you take action, you can eventually pull out of this.....
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Default Re: Pull it together?

Did the DA press charges or did she? When is the court date?
And what about small claims and housing court for this so called friend?
If you have tenants, it stands to reason you have credit.
What about other means of income?

Pulling it together need not necessarily mean stuffing away how you are feeling, it can mean start taking a different perspective or one step at a time.
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Default Re: Pull it together?

Iím sorry for what you are going through notyourstokeep.
What you must remember is that you need to push through these feelings.
They are only feelings and the less attention we give them, the better.
We get stuck in our head too often.
Iím guilty of this everyday. But Iím trying to become aware of it so I can DO something about it.
I understand.
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