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Default So jealous

There is a guy I like and he likes me, and recently when we were out he was quite flirty with a friend of ours and the impact itís had on me has been horrible. I keep getting vivid flashbacks of them flirting almost like PTSD which Iím aware sounds very dramatic, but thatís what itís like. I just keep having these flashbacks as if Iím reliving it again. I feel sick when I remember and my inability to deal with it is making me feel so horrendous. I suspect I have borderline personality disorder which would account for the strong feelings but I just want to make it stop. It makes me feel like I can never be involved with anyone again. I feel so sick because of it.
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Default Re: So jealous

Having repetitive, recurring feelings of reliving disappointment over and over again is tortuous no doubt.

Was this guy a prospect after a previous heartache? I ask because you wrote that you'll never again experience a relationship. (be involved again)

How long had this mutual 'like' of one another been developing? What brings you to title the thread jealousy? Did your friend know of the shared feelings? Was she reciprocating? Did she betray you?
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Default Re: So jealous

I would be very uncomfortable with the person I'm dating flirting with someone else in front of me. Are you guys dating? Or just like each other? I'm sorry you're experiencing such emotional pain over it. I'm not sure I have any advice. Maybe do something healthy that makes you feel better, or distract yourself. If you're dating, I think it's appropriate to tell him that that kind of behavior from him makes you feel badly and you'd like him to stop. Hugs.
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Default Re: So jealous

Doesnít sound like he respects you - if youíre boyfriend/girlfriend you need to tell him it bothers you. If not, Iím not sure if thereís much you could do about it. If he likes you as a companion then he needs to respect your feelings. If he doesnít move on because itís gonna hurt if you stick around - been there.....
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Default Re: So jealous

this was not your problem and should not stop you from being with other men. he was very disrespectful to you by doing this and obviously has little feelings for you.

i would ignore him completely and find some decent partners
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Crazy Hitch
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Default Re: So jealous

Some people are flirty by nature; probably with big egos.

It's totally inappropriate that he did this in front of you if the mutual for "liking" each other has been openly expressed by the two of you.
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Default Re: So jealous

Don't let one guy ruin your dating life.
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Default Re: So jealous

Sweetie, he sounds like heís either callous or has shallow feelings. Or, an insecure man.

Itís OK for you to feel sensitive and have unpleasant feelings about the flirting, if youíre a couple. You said youíre mutually attracted to each other. There are many, many men that do not do that.

Also, it can depend on how serious the relationship is and even the environment. Flirting happens in bars and clubs, a lot, for example.

Communication is key. Talk to him using ďIĒ sentences.

ďIĒ feel uncomfortable and ignored when you flirt with another woman.
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Default Re: So jealous

considering the fact you said you "like" each other I'm going to come from the assumption that you're not a couple at this point. I agree with others that if the mutual attraction has been made apparent by you both, that it says a lot about him if he'd flirt with other girls in front of you but it also begs the question if there is a mutual attraction why has it not become a dating thing yet?

Can't really do much or say much about it if he's not your bf but.. it is a telling sign of the type of guy he is if he knows you like him and he did that.

Walk. Away. Plenty of guys out there that are more loyal to their gf or even their prospective mates.
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