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My Mood: So I made cornbread

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Default So I made cornbread

... and you say "So what?" LOL

Thing is we don't ever eat that here so I just followed a recipe. I see there are different, some with a lot of fat, some with a lot of sweetness and some with almost none. I chose one with just a tad extra butter and just a tad sweetener. And no wheat.

It really turned out dull.

Did I do something wrong or, is it supposed to be kind of meh?
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Default Re: So I made cornbread

Little bit cayenne pepper really perks it up! Takes time to find a good recipe for corn bread. I like adding cheese to mine.
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Default Re: So I made cornbread

I make "cornbread" (it calls itself cornbread, so I hope that this is the same thing) over spicy bean casserole.

I used some stewed onions, spices, tinned red beans (aduki or red kidneys), chilli, cumin, garlic, tomato paste for the bottom layer. Then I make a quick cornbread mix out of one egg, cornmeal and skimmed milk for the topping. The cornbread mix is wet and spreads with a spatula but you cook everything on a hot setting (200C) so it rises.

The combination of spicy and corn taste is delicious in my opinion, and eatable cold next day. Very quick and easy to prepare.

I never made it before either, but had a friend visiting me whose husband has cholestorol problems. Found the recipe in a low chlorestorol book.
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My Mood: So I made cornbread

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Default Re: So I made cornbread

Yeah, plain cornbread can be blah. Good for you for making some out of scratch.
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