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Default A New Normal?


My name is Jacob. I have recently had a setback in my life. Over my lifetime, I have developed a worsening problem of anxiety and depression. My most recent setback was triggered by failing to complete my Master's program (for which I have NO plans on going back to - it's what triggered everything). At 25 years old, I am ready to settle down with a job (even entry-level). I want to find something whereby my anxiety (OCD / perfectionism) and depression may be more easily accommodated (preferably without having to locate too far from home).

Has anyone ever felt like they've had to "start over" even though you have a degree? I am in the middle of job searching and even though I only just started over the past couple weeks, my impatience and fear of the future is getting to me. I've looked at some temporary positions, but I would love a permanent position somewhere. (sigh)
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Default Re: A New Normal?

Originally Posted by jjgbirder View Post
Over my lifetime, I have developed a worsening problem of anxiety and depression...
I want to find something whereby my anxiety (OCD / perfectionism) and depression may be more easily accommodated (preferably without having to locate too far from home).
You are way ahead on the self-awareness scale than I was at your age, and the last job I had prior to disability and retirement fit that accommodation picture perfectly. Through the years I had realized I needed to slow my pace a bit in order to last for the duration, and I encourage you to continue being true to yourself.
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Default Re: A New Normal?

I think these days career-wise we are going to always have to reinvent ourselves or even start over. That is the nature of employment these days. The time of working for the same company for decades, making your way up the ladder is gone.

I quit a job earlier this year that was giving me panic attacks/anxiety and I recently started something new. It has a few things in common with my last position, but there is a great deal of difference. It is a real learning experience that is for sure - new industries, new vocabulary, different writing style etc. It has been a bit overwheming and I feel like I am kind of slow with completing things. However, I am taking it as an opportunity to gain new skills and knowledge.

I also think that when I read your post you seem quite self-aware/mature for only 25. I think that you will be successful figuring out what your next steps should be.

Temping for the short-term isn't all bad. It does give you the chance to see what different companies and industries are like while bringing in some income. Temp assignments can sometimes lead to a permanent job offer. You can continue to look for something permanent while you do some temp work.

Best of luck!
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Default Re: A New Normal?

I love what both of your replies say and agree totally that you are very mature...and it is good to look forward.

However, you are are well schooled..and you will eventually find the "perfect fit" just have to keep searching.

A suggestion I do have is to hook up with a temporary agency and tell them your situation...and that you are looking for full time employment.

Although, this is a risk because most assignments are considered "temporary" and that is because the companies want to make sure YOU are a fit before comitting to a long term arrangement with you.

However, if you hook up with a Temp tell them you are looking for an opportunity in (whatever industry) and that you only want to be contact on the jobs that discuss temp to hire and with very stable companies.

This is how I landed my first "real" job. That temp position led to full time and a huge increase in income. And because of that experience I ended up 8 years later in another career in a company that was #3 in the WORLD...all said at the end of my career I was making 100K and that was on a HS education.

The thing about the temp they have the contacts (more than you see advertised) because some companies don't want to take the time to screen potential employers. However, the screening for a good company should be completed to ensure they get the best possible candidate. The temp agency gives simple computer tests and feel you out and get a sense of you being a valuable employee....vs you just sending your resume out to companies that are getting 100 plus resumes a day (probably).

Additionally, my son a HS dropout with a GED. I told him to go to a Temp agency and he did a few years ago....this has landed him an opportunity in a good trade "machinist" and he has very specialized skills now and is earning a wage that he would not have found on his own. I asked him if they would pay to go back to school...he says yes, but tells me he doesn't need to...that he wants to be the Manager at his present company (his 3rd one)...and I don't agree with him not taking the school opportunity but feel he will be ok with this trade in our area.

Another good thing...Temp Agencies search jobs that may be a good fit for you and the instead of you having to "search" sit back and they call you when they find a potential match! I loved that And they call pretty quickly...I think it was like a week they had at least one opportunity for me.

You..already with a degree...would have no problem being placed .
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