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Default Losing job because of a disability

I been working for a year with one of the district manager when he suddenly started treating me very different after he start yelling at me for not wearing a headset. My district manager started asking me inappropriate question that are discrimination question about my disability and then started making rude comment about my disability. The next day I was ask to speak with my store manager who had informed me that I was supposed to be fired immediately because of my hearing disabilities. I found myself constantly being chewed out for being assigned backline working on a slicer and when I wasn't being chewed out I was being physically pulled off backline and place in a position where I wasn't trained for because of my disability. I been working for a year without anyone ever informing me I was never supposed to have been hired on. I was supposed to have been fired immediately.

I been working for the past six years before being force to quit my job due to the constant discrimination and being threaten all the time. I tried applying for multiple job. I either been informed that there is no place for hearing impairment or a place for a colleges student in the workplace. Anyone ever been through this?
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Default Re: Losing job because of a disability

I'm sorry they treated you that way. They shouldn't be discriminating against you. This government site might be helpful to you.

I hope you find a new job soon.
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Quarter life
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Default Re: Losing job because of a disability

Unless a specified level of hearing ability is part of your job description...then dismissing you for your hearing disability is most certainly discriminatory. Ask your employer for a detailed list of your task requirements then take it from there. However, Dismissing someone for being unable to fulfil the tasks for which they were employed...this in itself is not discrimination.

Bullying and humiliation is unacceptable though. I hope that you are able to find employment where your skills are valued, and your work environment is more forward thinking.
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Default Re: Losing job because of a disability

As others have said it is discriminatory.

But I feel making comments on your disability alone is ethically wrong and should be liable with you being compensated.

From here are some words of encouragement. It is not in any way related to legal system.

Talking about disabilities, I am a teenager who cannot drive. Yet is forced to go to college by his family. I also have schizophrenia and it's amazing what I can do compared to another person with same disabilities, yet just average compared to a normal person. It hurts me how my father makes comments about how I should've been a "bright student." I am brilliant in my own right, brilliant as a real-life schizophrenic can be, but still do not have any friends or girlfriends for that matter.

I could have been a brilliant surgeon if I didn't have any of these illnesses I have. I sometimes think I am a real life Doctor Strange. I lost most of my mental abilities and physical fitness when I was around three months old. Couple that with the most terrible parenting you can imagine of (like, parents thinking it's good to exclude their son from society because "world is evil" and then expecting him to be a class one officer) and malnutrition, psychological trauma, etc.

Then you get me... simple as 1+1 = 2.

I am actually a special person, special as in the case Freddy Highmore can be in his series the Good Doctor.

But I still have passion for what I do. Helping others in the most scientific way possible (even if I sound ridiculous) I kind of lost my social life due to my disability and a massive part of my academic life, but I am good to go as I think the glass is half full.
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Calla lily12
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Default Re: Losing job because of a disability

What about reasonable accommodations? Employers are supposed to give any worker who needs them reasonable accommodations in order for them to do their job.
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Default Re: Losing job because of a disability

Google Job Accomodation Network. That site may be able to help
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