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Default Re: do you feel your age?

Originally Posted by Borderline69 View Post
As someone with bpd I will never feel my age. I act v childish and will never truly grow up. Of course physically my age is showing which I'm not at all bothered by btw, I may have a personality disorder however I'm not delusional, I'm realistic and enjoy the aging process . I'm mentally childish in a lot of ways, I don't apologize for my behavior either. I'm the KOOL one with people much younger than myself and young boys flirt lmaooooo not that I'm Interested.

My body says I'm 80 bc some days everything hurts 🤣😋 mind says 20. The reality is unless you lose your mind it doesn't age while everything else does.

That said of course I am mature when I should be, however when I act out in rage or anger my actions are v childish and immature.
Wow! What an impressive & honest example of self-examination. That takes guts. Thanks.

I don't feel my age, but when watching baseball they talk about players "getting old" who are only in their mid-30s! That sure makes me feel ancient.
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Default Re: do you feel your age?

Somedays I feel like I'm a young pup with a massive chip on my shoulder and no life experience to back it up with, and other days I feel like Methuselah - seen everything that was, is, and will be...
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Default Re: do you feel your age?

I'm in my mid fifties, but I feel more like I'm in my seventies. I've felt this way for the past few years. I think that the combination of depression, anxiety, and isolation has been draining my energy quite a bit. I'm also often sleep deprived because of restlessness, which adds to this. However, even when I get enough sleep, I can't seem to shake this feeling of exhaustion. Some days, it is so very difficult to focus on whatever it is I want to work on, just because I feel so tired.

The isolation part of it is draining because I'm in the same environment every day, not seeing anything or anyone new, except for when I go to the gym or bookstore. Even the gym environment is redundant and does not stimulate my energy anymore, since I'm an introvert and don't interact with anyone. It is just the same thing every day and night.
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Default Re: do you feel your age?

YES. I am 60 and have terrible arthritis - especially in my feet. I don't have much to show for my life. In many ways, I have given up.
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