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Question Getting help

Had my 3rd session today. Not sure anymore!

Let me start by saying that I have been off work for 9 months now, I did have short term disability, then on sick benefits which ends in April. In the beginning I asked my family doctor to recommend a psychologist, which he did. She was not taking any new patients. I made a few more calls - each said the same. I started calling Social Workers -- I really needed to see someone. I did go to a worker, but my insurance only covered a couple of hundred dollars for this service - 3 visits - no progress though (she had collected information but we hadn't devised a plan)

I called back a couple of psychologists and asked about waiting lists - finally got an appointment booked (had to wait 4 months). She seemed nice enough the first and second visits, she cancelled the third, she cancelled a fourth. Last month, during my session, she suggested that I contact the local Crisis Centre, and that she has worked in tandem with them in the past. When I contacted them (website for intake) the Director called me saying the Intake Worker was on a bereavement leave. She continued to go on that I would not benefit from their services as I had a doctor. She felt that it would be conflicting and take one or the other. When I told her that my doctor had worked in tandem with their facility in the past, she hemmed and hawed, and the suggested that if I wanted I could have some brain imaging done but I would have to commit to 39 weeks, once a week.

All I want is help - 1 person - start to finish - so frustrated -- feeling like I don't deserve help as I seem to have every door shut in my face. Now what!!!
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Default Re: Getting help

Oh my gosh. That is a horrible experience and you know what - ten years ago I wouldn't have believed it and then I too experienced it first hand. Good, competent help is REALLY hard to find. Good, competent, affordable help is even harder.

Does your work place have an EFAP program, where they provide you with (usually only five) counselling sessions? Although they are limited, they get you in the door with someone and you can often continue privately with them after. Most larger employers offer them.

Is going across the border to Detroit an option? Do you have transportation to look at other neighboring cities? What about online therapy? Does the local university have grad students that offer services under supervision? Can your doctor not provide you with some referrals?

It can definitely take a combination of persistence and luck to find the right person. It is also not uncommon to go through several before you find that right fit. Don't give up - help is out there; we just need to find it.
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Default Re: Getting help

Piggy momma's suggestion about coming to the US is a very good point. Is there anyway for you to consider this as an option?
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