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Default Re: “Escorted”

Originally Posted by justbreathe1994 View Post
Yes, I saw ex T there too. Ex T never escorted me

Maybe a new policy?
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Default Re: “Escorted”

Originally Posted by LonesomeTonight View Post
Maybe a new policy?
Yes, or your ex T didn’t follow the rules. Or it’s because you wanted to go out the back instead of the front.

You were doing the right thing for you and trying to avoid her office.
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Default Re: “Escorted”

yea Im with the others on this...

any mental health agency private or otherwise they dont allow clients to wander around the building unaccompanied other than going tot he restrooms and the lobby, when ever I have come or gone by less public access that was not part of the main entrance and lobby/waiting room either the receptionist went with me or my therapists.

think of it this way... imagine if you are in a therapy session and someone else looking for a non public exit walked into your session with your therapist, or a client who had just had a hard session walked into your session, pulled a gun... or a suicidal client walked in to your session with your therapist and committed suicide in front of you....

none of those things are anything you want to happen to you during your own sessions right...

now on the other side of things.. what if while heading out of the back exit you are thinking on what just went on during your sessions and you reach for what you think is the back exit but ends up being someone elses therapy session, this other person is venting their anger and crying and swearing saying things that can trigger and upset you, make you afraid for your life because you are only hearing a piece of that persons session.....

again not something you want to happen right?

on the therapist side of things would they be upholding your confidentiality if while you were trying to find the back exit your neighbor walks out of one of the other therapy rooms? ooops busted right.

and I have to admit that there have been times when escorted to the back door I have heard a word or sound that peeked my curiosity, un escorted I know I would have stopped for a second and listened to see that what ever was going on behind that door was ok. I wouldnt have opened the door but would have taken a moment to listen in for a few moments to make sure everything was ok.

I was also raised with common courtesy where when someone is visiting another the person of the house or person I am visiting walks you to the door. in this day and age many people have forgotten or just are not taught about manners and common courtesies. So when I witness or am part of it by being escorted to the door I take time to enjoy this. kind of like being a queen or royalty these days in the world that lacks manners and common courtesies. lol

my suggestion is not to take it personally, just the way it is.
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Default Re: “Escorted”

It's probably there policy, my addiction counsellor would walk me to the door to the waiting room. My therapist opens his office door when i am ready to leave so maybe also it's her way to end the appointment. Im sure it has nothing to do with you. Hugs
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Default Re: “Escorted”

It probably is just their policy, not anything you did
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Default Re: “Escorted”

This sounds like a good policy to protect you and other patient confidentiality.

I interviewed a therapist that was in a shared therapy building and I chose not to work with them because so many extra people were coming and going in the waiting area. Like, a lot a lot. And the entire session kids were playing in the room next to us. Which is find. But a bad setup for someone doing trauma therapy.
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