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Default Re: Seeing which counselor?

My concern is that the counselor from church does not sound like she is a licensed therapist. If that is the case, then absolutely go to the licensed therapist instead. I would be wary of anyone acting as a “therapist” or “counselor” without state licensing.

I have received therapy through church in the past. In my case, it was a pastor who was indeed a trained and licensed therapist, bound by the same ethics codes for confidentiality, etc. We actually knew each other and had worked together on church projects prior to actually starting therapy. It was not an issue whatsoever. He was highly professional, always maintained confidentiality, and was a skilled therapist. While he was a pastor, my therapy was NOT religious in nature at all. In fact, ironically, he may have actually been the only therapist I actually never had a religious conversation with in sessions. That may have been because we were of the same denomination, so we had a rather innate understanding of our shared faith, but whatever the case, it worked well for me. I never felt I was thought any less of by him. It never affected my participation in my church activities in any way.

Bottom line: Licensing is vital. If the church “counselor” is not licensed, do not use her as anything other than a church support person, NOT as a therapist. Please use a licensed therapist who will be bound by ethics standards.
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Default Re: Seeing which counselor?

This may sound mean but I don't think because you had cancer and the cancer, with treatment, was cured has much to do with your strength as a person. When I was in that situation I didn't "fight"; I don't even know what I could have done that would have been "fighting". I was petrified. I did the things recommended and I felt very very lucky to make it through.

I'm not saying you personally don't have and don't need strength to get through your medical problems. What I'm trying to say is don't choose her on the basis of her having had cancer, which seems to be one of your strongest motives.
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