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Default Emdr

Does emdr bring up repressed memories or only ones you remember?
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Default Re: Emdr

What is EMDR?

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Default Re: Emdr

Originally Posted by Shazerac View Post
What is EMDR?


Dnester, EMDR can work with both. Both types of memories can present during the therapy.

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Default Re: Emdr

EMDR doesn't specifically look for repressed memories. It works with your conscious memories. However, I think, it's possible that some repressed memories may come to a surface during EMDR session. And, when they come to your awareness they become conscious and then EMDR can work with those too. I am not entirely sure about it though because I am not personally familiar with EMDR. My information comes from those who have had a personal experience with EMDR either as clients or practitioners or both. None of them mentioned repressed memories to me though, so I am purely speculating..

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Default Re: Emdr

I have worked with multiple traumas from cPTSD using EMDR for the past year and a half. Although everyone is different, I have found that EMDR has brought up many repressed memories. Odds are good for this with me though since I hardly remember anything from childhood. Almost all of my memories are repressed.

EMDR does NOT however have anything to do with the therapist provoking or suggesting things to bring forth these memories. It is all you, whatever your brain unearths on it's own. EMDR does not even require you to disclose the memories you experience to your therapist.
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Default Re: Emdr

In my limited experience, EMDR helped a little with repressed memories. I'm working through processing an event right now that I have no conscious memory of. While I still remember very little from the event, I have bits and pieces that emerged during processing.
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Default Re: Emdr

So far for me, it hasn't really brought out repressed memories but more clarified them for me.

Example, we were working on my abandonment issues. One day, we 're used to take one memory of when I felt it was the last straw with my dad. I remembered the event bit like everything else just in a factual sort of way. It brought out so many feelings and emotions thay I had never experienced before.

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