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Default Does EMDR have side effects?

Does EMDR have side effects?

I had a first session last week and ever since then I just feel dead. I can't feel anything. Nothing. I am a shell, harboring nothing.

Trigger- Self harm

I cut myself last night to see if I could feel and I couldn't. I felt nothing. I realize the risk in harming oneself when one cannot feel, so I have chose to not do it for the time being. I can't feel anything. I am so dead inside it makes me sick. Using the word "numb" is an understatement. I am dead. It's like I don't even exist anymore. I've always experienced this in someway, but since the session I have been very bad.
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Default Re: Does EMDR have side effects?

Hey Lydia,

I'm sorry that you are feeling so dead inside...I know sometimes it brings up a lot and I'm sorry that you are still feeling this way. Did your T prepare you with a safe place to go to should things get overwhelming? Can you go there now? Can you try some grounding techniques like breathing or relaxation techniques to help you feel like you are using your emotional side? Can you shoot your T an email and describe to them what you are feeling and see if they have any recommendations for you? Sometimes it helps to schedule longer appts for EMDR or to even plan them for Thursday or Friday sessions so that you can sort of decompress or process stuff over the weekend. I also hope that this effect will lessen over time and as you get more comfortable with things and feel the control that you have over the process as well. If you are still bringing up the memories, you might also try writing them out...just spilling them onto the paper for now without really re-reading it and letting the paper hold them until you go back into the room with your T. Please try not to SI anymore to try to feel. Your feelings will come back when you are ready and able to handle stuff and relaxed enough to do so. Maybe wrap up in a big warm blanket or soothe in other ways like in a big bubble bath or whatever would help you to feel secure and safe... Nothing wrong with simple distraction in a good movie, book or friends either...

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Default Re: Does EMDR have side effects?

The few times I did EMDR I was just in a dissociated fog for a few days after the session. Can you call your T? perhaps she can help you connect back into yourself somehow? How about if you just do something nice for yourself? Take a hot bath, light a candle, eat something you like, watch a really good movie, etc...
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Default Re: Does EMDR have side effects?

I am often very tired and relaxed after an EMDR session but not in a bad way. My T said most people feel that way afterwards. She walked me to my car last time we did it because I felt a little disoriented.

Please talk to your T about your reactions. You don't have to do EMDR if it makes you feel worse.
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