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Default Bi Polar cocktail for Depression and Anxiety


I am diagnosed with anxiety and major depression. The anxiety normally seems the worst and leads to the depression. Over the past 2 or 3 months, my doctor has been trying me on a cocktail of meds consisting of Zoloft 100mg, Lithium 300mg (2x day), and Latuda. I have been on the Zoloft and Lithium the whole time and the first anti-psychotic she tried was Vibryd which gave me akathesia and some other bad side effects so she switched me to Latuda and that has made me more depressed. Plus my insurance won't cover it and it is expensive.

My question is, is it odd to have me on Lithium and an anti-psychotic if I have anxiety and depression?

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Default Re: Bi Polar cocktail for Depression and Anxiety

I'm no psychiatrist, but this is the first I've heard of that.
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My Mood: Bi Polar cocktail for Depression and Anxiety

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Default Re: Bi Polar cocktail for Depression and Anxiety

Lithium is somewhat known for it's properties that reduces risk of suicide from what I've been told. It's helpful for Bipolar but has often been prescribed for depression alone too.

As for the antipsychotic, they're sometimes used as an adjunct med to increase the effectiveness of antidepresants. Another thing they're sometimes used for is psychotic symptoms from psychotic depression. And there are some cases where they're prescribed for severe anxiety but not as common

The best way to get clarity though would be to ask your psychiatrist the reasoning for the combination you're on.

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