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Crazy Regarding Tofisopam.

I'd really appreciate if anyone can throw any kind of light/information on the question below:-

Is it not advisable to take the medication 'Tofisopam' for more than one-two months? If yes, then why? And can it be taken long term if taken intermittently?


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Default Re: Regarding Tofisopam.

Ok, I had to look up the med, since I didn't recognize the name. It appears to be a benzodiazepine derivative, and so should have some of the same general properties of that med class.

For some people benzo's are highly addictive, and when you take them regularly you build up a tolerance to them, which means you need to take more to get the same affect that you used to get at the lower dose. Then there's the dependence issue. If you take them long term, your body becomes dependent on having the med, so stopping it is can be hard and stopping without tapering down can be dangerous.

Using only occassionally is usually a safer option and can help avoid some of the problems I mentioned above.

That being said, some people do benefit from long term use of the benzos and are able to take the without negative effect.

But you really should talk to a Dr. or a pharmacist about meds since they're trained in them.

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