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Default Disposing of Rx bottles

I have tons of empty Rx bottles laying around. I used to put hot water in them so that I could easily peel off their labels to prevent anyone from getting my information. But realistically, as I get more and more Rx's (I'm on 13 now), it's getting annoying to have to peel off every single label.

Is it safe to dispose of Rx bottles that have labels on them? I'm concerned about someone discovering my name and address, as well as possibly using the barcode to refill one or more of my prescriptions. In other words, could someone walk into the pharmacy and say "I'm picking up prescriptions for ____," then give name and address?

Does anyone else peel off their Rx bottles' labels before disposing the bottles, or have you been safe leaving the labels on? I don't know if I'm being paranoid or realistic. Thanks!
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Default Re: Disposing of Rx bottles

I peel mine off and throw labels away. I donate bottles.
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Default Re: Disposing of Rx bottles

I just throw mine in the trash, labels and all. I suppose the trash people can see my various meds--therefore, diagnoses, but it doesn't bother me. I am not ashamed, since it's all of what I am. I wish I could recycle them where I live.
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Default Re: Disposing of Rx bottles

I usually use a sharpie and mark through the important info like my demographics, medication name, and of course my doctor's name and of course double it over and make it stick to each other than toss it in the trash. You'll see the instructions but that is about it.
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Default Re: Disposing of Rx bottles

Before I used an online, mail order pharmacy, I used to peel the labels off all of them, rip them into tiny pieces, and put them in separate trash. Not sure at all if that was necessary, but it made me feel better.

Since I've gone through a mail order pharmacy though, it's been a lot easier. All of my standing meds are in rolls of packaged meds based on date and time of day. The only part that has any identifying or prescription info is the paperwork attached to the outside of the bag and that's very easy to rip off and shred.

The only ones I get anymore that come in a bottle with a sticky label are my prns for anxiety and sleep. And even those I get 30 day supplies and it usually takes at least a few months to get through before I need another one, so peeling the labels isn't really a big deal.

I never tried soaking them, but I found a razorblade or sharp knife handy. I don't really have fingernails, so sometimes it just took getting it going. Other times I had to carefully shave the label off completely.

Obviously don't do it if you don't have steady hands and/or are clumsy with sharp things
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