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Default Ssri

Whatís the process for switching ssri or meds etc? Just curious.

Either o got a lot of stress or else these arenít cutting it anymore.
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Default Re: Ssri

Usually ween off one and go up on the other.
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Well... generally the first step would be to consult with your prescriber. (You probably didn't need me to tell you that.) Typically what you'll do is to taper ("titrate") down off of whatever it is you're taking now & begin taking (& gradually increasing the dosage of) the new antidepressant you'll be taking... both at the same time I would expect... at least that's been my experience.

It is true that not every antidepressant works for everyone. Plus AD's can poop out over time. So sometimes it is necessary to consider a change if the AD you're taking isn't getting the job done. Here's a link to an article, from PC's archives, that talks about talking to your doctor regarding a med. change:

How to Talk to Your Doctor About Changing Your Meds

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Default Re: Ssri

Depends on the meds and how you respond. Going on & coming off MAOI's save 14 day washout periods, meaning you can't take anything new 'til that's out of your system. Otherwise, as people have already pointed out, you set up a cross-taper over time until you're off the old med and on a therapeutic dose of the new one.

I kinda recently went from 225mg Venlafaxine XR to 80mg Duloxetine in 2-3 weeks (maybe 4) if I remember correctly.
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