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My Mood: Do Antipsychotic Med cause or bring on Diabetes

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Default Re: Do Antipsychotic Med cause or bring on Diabetes

Why do they cause increase appetite??
i know other meds do too.
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My Mood: Do Antipsychotic Med cause or bring on Diabetes

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Default Re: Do Antipsychotic Med cause or bring on Diabetes

Originally Posted by InfiniteSadness View Post
I'm worried , even taking a low dose of Abilify, 2mg. Long term effects.
Are antipsychotics the only meds that can cause this?
My doctor said Abilify is one of the ones that is friendlier towards us in regards to getting diabetes. I happen to take risperdal and have diabetes. I started taking after I got diabetes and it does not elevate my sugar. There is a warning about it for some people have problems with it but not me.
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