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Wings of Time
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My Mood: Medicine stopped working?

Default Medicine stopped working?

I think my one of my medications is not working for me. I don't know if I can name what I take, but I believe I can list what I take them for.

I take one medication that helps me with my temper. But it also helps with my mania symptoms, paranoia, and mental stability. It still helps, but I notice I still exhibit mania, paranoia, and mental instability.

I know nobody here is allowed to diagnose another user and that nobody is a professional or licensed therapist or psychiatrist. But I would like input please. I brought this up to my counselor a couple months ago, and then to my psychiatrist when I saw them a few weeks ago, but neither seemed to think there was anything wrong.
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Default Re: Medicine stopped working?

hi. different "professionals" take different approaches to people/"patients." if you get a controlling doctor, they'll drug you up. an indifferent doctor...well, as long as you're not in need of a hospital, whatever. and lots in between.

id try to minimize stress and get some social interaction, if you can. if you're getting substandard treatment, i guess try to get a new shrink. but in the public/community mental health setting, that can be almost impossible. actually...even with insurance coverage, getting a decent shrink can be rough going.

ok. wish i could be of more help/assistance, but....its basically the way many "mental health professionals" treat people who aren't top priority, not in a hospital, etc. i don't know why, i think its an industry-wide thing, honestly.
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