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Default Re: Frustrated trying to discontinue Abilify

sometimes buspar (buspirone) is used to boost antidepressants. i didn't much care for it, but its probably safer (and cheaper) than the tranquilizers.

i take a good bit of abilify daily, for...I think they're going with Bipolar I. I'm not gung ho about it, but...its better than any other 'atypical' i've ever tried. i take loads of b-vitamins and antioxidants with it (Orthomolecular), to make it easier tolerate and reduce the TD risk. so far, so good...i tolerate it, 0 eps, 0 TD.

i do wish doctors would -not- prescribe the 'atypicals' to so many people. i mean...they're serious drugs, at any dose. i think if someone needs a tranquilizer, the 'atypicals' sometimes offer a good alternative to the old drugs, but...lots of people are on 'atypicals' who probably don't need the risks, costs, etc.
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Default Re: Frustrated trying to discontinue Abilify

Originally Posted by marcoleap View Post
Could tapering from 1mg to 0.5 cause a significant increase in depression and anxiety symptoms? It seems like such a small dose. On the other hand, I can't think of anything that happened in the past couple of weeks that would make me feel more depressed and anxious. I had therapy last night, and I couldn't come up with any other reasons for how I'm feeling.
Honestly I donít know. Whatís a low dose and high dose of abilify? I mean when I took 600mg Of Seroquel i tried to jump down by 100mg at a time. 500mg was okay just a little emotional, 400mg was harder, being emotional for longer. When I heard of the 10% tapering method it made sense. Every time I reduced, the percentage was bigger. So if 1 - 0.5mg is a big jump, I canít say. But technically thatís a 50% reduction. Maybe you need the meds or maybe it was too fast a decline.
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