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Default Pimozide

Has anyone been on this? Dr gave me small dose of this in hospital for 3 days for negative thoughts. Didn't get any results.
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Default Re: Pimozide

I cannot say that I have, but i have researched it.

That is a pretty potent antipsychotic. Much more potent than Thorazine and Haldol.

That being said, you are using a small dosage so that ought to be fine. I am on a different AP at a small dosage (Flupentixol) for anxiety and depression. So it seems that these drugs are used for other things as well.
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Default Re: Pimozide

wow. i didn't know pimozide was used for that. i thought it was for tourette's and other tic disorders. even in those conditions...dysphoria and straight up depression are fairly common, along with tardive dyskinesia.

perhaps ask about a different drug? the tranquilizers, in general, are kind of heavy artillery, so maybe see if the shrink will try something from a different class 1st, if possible?
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