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Default Is Meth letting you down?

As a former meth addict going clean for 5 years now, I found the best medication to help those awful cravings to use.
It help quit my altogether.

Wellbutrin helped me quit and helped me with the cravings.

I highly recommend this medicine to anyone struggling and wanting to quit.

It even helps one quit smoking cigarettes.

I would cut the Wellbutrin into quarters and halves, to slowly titrate up to 300mg.
This helped me avoid the harsh side effects that Wellbutrin (Bupropion) has it adjusts to your system.

Caution: Cutting Wellbutrin as I mentioned above, may cause seizures. Because, It will break the slow release mechanism.

Not everyone is prone to having seizures,
I didn't.

I'm currently on Wellbutrin 300mg and it has helped me quit using Meth, completely.

This medicine helped restore my energy and it has helped regain my former self again, of course, through a matter of 2 weeks time.
It's by far, the best antidepressant I had tried.
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Default Re: Is Meth letting you down?

Well, everyone is different! I too used, and occasionally still do. Why? I've taken Welbutrin at it"s highest dose for six months. Absolutely no effect, good OR bad. Taken a bunch of antidepressants for over a year. NO EFFECT! NOTHING.

Meth? For me it works. No depression. No anxiety.

It really sucks.

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Default Re: Is Meth letting you down?

Be careful combining meth with Wellbutrin if you do cuz it can cause seizures.
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