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Default Re: sedating anti psychotics beside seroquel

Originally Posted by Breadfish View Post
Olanzapine (Zyprexa) and clozapine (Clozaril) both help me sleep. For olanzapine I needed a dose of at least 7,5 mg (as I found out while tapering off), for clozapine I'm not sure (lowest evening dose I've had is 200 mg and that helped me sleep).
Clozapine is a last resort for mostly schizophrenics. I would try and avoid it like the plague. Oh god, Olanzapine, no, no, no.
Seroquel is often prescribed to help combat depressive symptoms, but I don't know much about American psychiatry. But the Americans always want to be the best that's all I know. At least we have the NHS in Britain, if that ever goes.....I am emigrating. Well, I wish I could.
But supposedly I will never get a Canadian visa with the drugs I am on?? Who has heard of this??
Plus I am flat broke, criminal record, s%^t job,
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Default Re: sedating anti psychotics beside seroquel

I take haldol at night and it's a bit sedating
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Default Re: sedating anti psychotics beside seroquel

thorazine was used in low doses for sleep in some people. not exactly the most pleasant thing ever, but ive heard that low doses aren't terrible. the td risk is probably comparable to some of the newer tranquilizers, as long as the dose doesn't get all crazy. dysphoria could probably be more of an issue.
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