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I am unsure if this is the place to go and I am not a mother, however I am 18 and when I was a freshman in highschool I got pregnant. I miscarried at three months and I have been battling with the thoughts of what could have been and I blame myself for losing it. It is hard to cope most of the times.. Anyone have any help?
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you are dealing with grief at the loss of your child, regarless of the fact that that child never came to being. it was a child you had accepted into your life. you need help adjusting to the loss, grief counseling, not postpartum depression. this was the death of your child. you had so many plans that will never come to fruition. you need to cope with that now. find yourself a counselor to help yourself through. take care.
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Default Re: eh

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Default Re: eh

its not your fault you did nothing wrong keep your head up and keep being strong
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Default Re: eh

It also could be a form of ppd. Your hormones will be off intensifying those feelings. I would suggest finding someone who can help you deal with the loss of your child.

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Default Re: eh

I think all of PC forums is a home for us dear court

I can feel you, 'cause I lost my dad 6 years ago for cancer. But my mom always tells me that I'm partly to be blamed for his death, 'cause I psychologically tortured him with my excessive OCD when we were living alone. And as you know, mental & psychological condition affects a lot the progress of our physiological illnesses

Sometimes, I feel that I've been a curse to my father that finally took his life.

But you know what, I don't brood over that a lot. Because I'm still alive, & I believe that throughout the rest of my life-years I could work hard to do good things for other people. 'Cause, I don't know if you believe in God or not, but I believe all the good things that I do to compensate the torture I've caused my dad, will hopefully make God forgive me, & He would convey all this to dad. And later in the after-life, I pray that I'll meet up with dad again in Heaven, & he'll be satisfied with all I'm doing now to compensate my OCD intolerable behavior with others
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Default Re: eh

i believe my girlfriend and i also lost a child, prior to his birth.

it was traumatic for me. i still worry about it, a few months after.

some people tell me that she might not have been pregnant. that maybe it was just a late period.

whatever the truth really is, i feel that i did lose a child.

i think, though that a persons life cant be attributed on something small as another humans decisions.

i dont think anything i did or didnt do was large enough to be a determining factor in the survival of my child.

i look at myself. my parents did a lot to help me and also a lot to harm me. but in the end, i can't look at a singular decision either of them took and say that it made me who i am today.

i think life, and living it, is huge. and no matter what one or more people did to me, even my mother, in the end, the pictures much too large to blame or thank anyone for it.

i hope things get better for you, i really do. no matter who you are.
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