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Default You're Not Alone!

I know how you're feeling.

You're wondering how you can possibly have all of these awful thoughts during a time that is supposed to be your happiest ever. You're thinking about what a horrible person and mother you must be because you feel so down and aren't bonding well with your child.

You're probably thinking about taking off in the middle of the night b/c you just can't take another sleepless night.

You're not alone. I had this too, and I wish I had had someone to tell me that I wasn't alone. That I wasn't a horrible mother, but just someone who was having a rough go of it. There's no shame in PPD. Get the help you need and know that it's okay to feel the way you're feeling, and this too shall pass.

Seek out a therapist or a support group and get the help that you need. Don't judge yourself. Love yourself, and know that you can get passed this. Once you stop hating yourself, you will be able to move beyond the PPD.

Motherhood isn't easy. It's the hardest thing in the world, and it's okay to scream or be frustrated or even angry about your sore nipples, lack of sleep, or the fact that the baby screams non-stop for hours no matter what you do. It's stressful. It's okay to walk away and be angry for a little while. It's okay to call a friend and tell you that the baby's crying is driving you crazy. It's okay, and it's normal. Call a friend or family member. Confide in them, and don't be afraid to ask for help. A baby is a lot of work.

You can do this. Just ask for help.

Sending positive mama vibes to all my fellow PPD moms reading this.
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I've started a support group on fb for this exact thing. I am.moving forward with it to get a meeting together once a month for our locals. I have several sponsors. Kudos for this post <3 :thumbup:

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