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Default two triggers - one week

First I discover the letch of a military medical officer from my past has a civilian practice in the very same clinic as my respirologist (sorry, won't be going there again). Second I discover one of my abusers is now an admiral and only steps away from the Canadian Chief of Defense Staff position.

In both cases these men were found guilty of inappropriate conduct.

The first was court martialed and kicked out of the Navy (Reserve). The second, after several attempts via grievance and anti-harassment steps in the military was eventually found guilty of transgressions against a civilian employee by the Sask Human Rights Commission.

Basically I realised not a thing was done to punish them by limiting their careers. The doctor was allowed to continute his civilian career seemingly unscathed. The now Rear-Admiral had nothing done to him at all. In both cases there are women left behind downtrodden weeping with in some cases PTSD, anxiety, and suicide ideation, etc. They were punished for the many transgressions of these men while both went on to greatness. The fact my perpertraitor has gone on to an amazingly successful military career and is only several people away from the top military spot in Canada is as infuriating as it is revolting.

It isn't bloody fair.
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Default Re: two triggers - one week

Sigh...honestly I don't know why individuals who can be so toxic end up getting their way and getting ahead when they don't deserve it. It's a hard pill to swallow when you have experienced their toxic ways first hand. I have faced these kind of challenges myself and certain things have left me feeling empty and have shaken my faith. I can't blame you for not wanting to be anywhere near these individuals.

I have been going through something myself that has been extremely triggering and challenging. I hear you.
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