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Lightbulb Acupuncture and anxiety?

Hello folks, I am wondering if anyone else has found acupuncture helpful in ameliorating their anxiety? I know that many allopaths typically deem it "hocus pocus" but I have found it useful for physical ailments (migraine, sinus congestion) as well as anxiety. Research indicates that our natural immune response is most powerful when the central nervous system reaches it's most relaxed state. I feel very relaxed during acupuncture treatments. I am NOT suggesting that acupuncture could cure PTSD or should replace treatments (medication, psychotherapy) which people find effective. I just wonder if anyone else has found that it helped to take the edge off their anxiety?
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Default Re: Acupuncture and anxiety?

Acupuncture helps my anxiety. When I get a treatment, it not only relaxes me it also clears my mind -if that makes sense. When I was having it weekly, the stress reducing effects diminished over time. I have it less frequently now.
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Default Re: Acupuncture and anxiety?

Acupuncture really helps my anxiety. I go primarily as an addiction treatment, since it really helps to take away cravings for alcohol. But the added bonus of less anxiety and feeling more relaxed is a definite added benefit.

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Default Re: Acupuncture and anxiety?

That's wonderful that you find help for your addiction with acupuncture. My TCM doctor told me he has clients who are there for help with cravings for cigarettes, sugar, or alcohol. He helps me with migraines, anxiety, and depression. The first time I had a really bad depression day when I saw him... he described it as poor circulation and stagnation of my life force. A very different conversation from one with a psychiatrist or psychologist. The other perspective fascinates me. My TCM doc has helped me a great deal. He is not judgmental and I honestly find that to be rare among healthcare providers. He's gentle and kind and I never feel like a "freak" when I tell him how weird or awful I feel.
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