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Default Re: PTSD Not Related to Combat or Sexual Assault?

Originally Posted by BillM View Post
I have a "family from Hell" as well. My bullies like to present themselves as the "sane ones" and often convince me that I am the only "crazy one" Those who badly bully people are likely mentally ill them selves I tell the least violent
and most manipulative bully " we all have various mental health issues you just don't realize it or want to admit your own." As a layperson my best guess is Narcissistic personality disorder"Sociopath phsychopath borderline pesonality dissorder and substance abuse etc. Your bullies just like mine are more than likely have diagnosable mental illnesses driven behaviors that always harm others and often themselves. They will "concern troll ' about my mental health quite often. I found the work of Shahida Arabi to be a tremendous source of healing. Thats where IM trying to keep my main focus.
Thank you for sharing, BillM. I'm sure my family members have diagnosable mental illnesses too, but they're in denial. I have one sister who saw a therapist only a few times. He kept wanting to talk about her anger. She doesn't believe she has anger issues, although she's always screaming at people in rage and can't seem to stop bringing up the past. She stopped going and never saw another therapist since. That was so many years ago. And I'm almost positive my mother and my other sister are paranoid schizophrenics. I don't expect anyone else in my family to admit to their problems or seek help either. I feel like I'm the only one who actually wants to get better.

I'm trying my best to learn that it's good that I at least recognize these things and am trying to improve as a result. I tell myself that my family will never ever change and because of this, I'll have no choice but to ultimately make the best choice that's going to help me. And that choice is to move far, far away where they can't bother me. I can't do it anymore. They're too toxic. And life is too short to spend it like this.
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