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Question I want to expose my narcissistic mother by telling the truth

Hello Everyone

I'm planning to expose my narcissistic mother by telling the truth using social media:

I was blessed with two parents high on the spectrum for narcissism. My father was diagnosed later in life as having schizoid personality disorder as well. My mother was a covert narcissist (martyr type). I was sexually, physically and emotionally abused by my father starting at age 6. This continued until I was about 12 when I finally got the courage to stand up to him. Father was medically retired from the military, so he didn't have to work. He would binge on alcohol, drugs, have affairs and spend all the money. It was feast or famine at my house. My mother knew everything and did nothing. Her excuse was she couldn't take care of us alone. I was the sacrifice she made. She worked to keep things together when my father messed up. I was left and home to care for my younger siblings. I had very few friends and no social life. I was a latch key kid and live in babysitter. One of my brother even told his friends I was the maid.

Later on my parents became foster parents for two of my younger distant cousins (on my mother's side of the family). My female cousin who has a learning disability was sexually abused by him when she was 8 years old. My mother only turned my father in because my cousins were in the foster care system and it would be difficult to hide it. My father got a year in jail, 5 years probation and had to register as a sex offender.

My father died several years ago. Every anniversary of his death, his birthday and Veteran's Day my brothers post his pictures on social media in remembrance. The send his picture in group texts messages that include me.

Everyone in my immediate family knows who he really was but my mother rides the sympathy train. My extended family only knows the good version not the pedophile, drunk who beat the crap out of us. All my brothers seem to have forgotten. My father's dead, but he's still in my life. I'm constantly reminded by him.

My mother has emotionally abused me my entire life. Nothing I do is important. I can't rely on her to help me with anything. She lies to me. She has taken advantage of me financially. Takes credit for things I do. She tells other family members things about me that aren't true.

My younger cousin who was abused has always struggled. In high school she was extremely promiscuous. She's done drugs, children with different fathers, unable to hold a job down. She seems happy most of the time in spite of this.

I'm tired of pretending it didn't happen. I'm planning to let her family know that she is lying. I'm going to tell the truth and show them my father's mugshot and criminal record. Problem is I'm worried about calling out my little sister.

What do you think?

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Default Re: I want to expose my narcissistic mother by telling the truth

Iím a Narcissisticís daughter too

Iím 55 and lost 3 Dads before I was 16. Never saw none of them again, even bio. Canít blame them. Life with her was hell and my mother was NOT a happy person but a raving hypochondriac.

I called my mother a Narcissist in a txt at 55 YO finally. BEWARE! This angers them to look bad. She will retaliate and she will manipulate you to look bad. Hell hath no fury as a public ally outed NPD Mom.

Since just that txt, she insists a DUI on prescriptionAmbien, BAC was 0.00, she called my mother in law and said I was lying and was drunk as a looney. Iím ordering my record, like 5 years ago to prove my dui. Then she is telling my mother in law, a multi-millionaire to ďstop enabling us). Iím disabled with a mental illness due to her and I have a 12 year old. She called a well check from across the country in fear of my husband hurting his own Mom. The police came to my poor embarrassed M-I-L and she was so embarrassed. My husband doesnít have a violent bone in his body.

Iím filing a restraining order because she told my NH family that I stole money from my mother in law. Done. Psychological abuse, harassment, fear of her calling CPS false report knowing they have to pursue it. She did it once. They inspected my home, spoke privately with my daughter and left after perhaps 15 minutes. She smiled and said the case would be ďunfoundedĒ.

But you know what I think? DO IT!!!! Stand up for yourself. Mugshot will prove your right. I feel bad for your Mom, something in her childhood was not received like love and acceptance. Try to pity her but never expect to receive it back! Take care and let me know if you go through or already did.
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Default Re: I want to expose my narcissistic mother by telling the truth

Compassionate journey work, to my understanding, is to feel your feelings, identify your unmet need, respectfully speak your need into action, learn from the encounter and repeat as needed ( while allowing others to do the same.

Is your motive justice or revenge? Is anyone asking your opinion of past events? If so, nothing is stopping you from stating your opinion about your experience. It takes time to find our own voice in something that was so dreadfully fearful in our past. How we voice our voice is a lifetime learning experience because the very speaking of our experience makes us get to know AND analyze our own motives, which usually comes back to our own intrinsic need in seeking justice or in the realization of our own malevolence in seeking revenge, much like those ahead who hurt us deeply.
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