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Default Need help understanding a guy im dating with ADHD.

I have been dating this guy for a few months and he is ADHD. He is 30. I have never dated anyone who has been diagnosed with ADHD and I guess I'm just looking for advice. He is on mydayis. He just seems very sensitive and I almost want to say immature at times. He interrupts people when they speak which I assume is a symptom of ADHD. I can deal with that. I'm not sure about the hypersensitivity. I told him after about 2 months of us talking that maybe we needed to just be friends because he had lied to me about some things. I told him I wasn't mad but he got "emotional" and said "why would you want to be friends with a liar"? Then said he just wanted to quit his job and move away so no one would know where he was. We talked about that and he said his emotions just overcome him sometimes. We obviously are still dating and he has had a few moments like that and I just wonder if its something to worry about or if its just a symptom of ADHD. He has only been on medication for about a year. Aside from those times he is so wonderful. If he does something that bothers me I tell him and he does his best to fix it. He great in every other aspect. I'm just unsure about the extreme sensitivity. I don't fear that he would ever get physical with me at all but he is extremely emotional and I do realize you don't know until it happens but I really would worry more about him harming himself if anything.
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Default Re: Need help understanding a guy im dating with ADHD.

I'm not sure hyper sensitivity is from adhd, but I could be wrong. In mention harm, is he also depressive or aggressive?
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Default Re: Need help understanding a guy im dating with ADHD.

Most days he is extremely happy. He just has sudden lows and just gets emotional very easily. So far he hasn't been aggressive at all towards me.
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Default Re: Need help understanding a guy im dating with ADHD.

My SO of 6 years has ADHD and is on medication. He went off it for a year when we started dating and he got more impulsive and distracted and did things like get overly excited when we were at a baseball game and yell obscene things at the other team and I almost wanted to break up with him. He also stole spice from the supermarket one day and I told him I couldn't date someone who stole things. He ended up going back on his meds and was better. He has a pretty severe case of ADHD, though. He also seemed a bit emotionally immature when we first started dating but has grown a lot. I think I read that people with ADHD can sometimes mature emotionally slower than others. We were 24 when we first started dating and now are 30.

I don't really know about being emotionally reactive though. For the most part my bf has been really chill and doesn't lose his temper or get really sensitive about anything in our relationship. Does your bf seem to go through very specific periods where he is down for awhile/depressed? Sometimes bipolar disorder can be misdiagnosed as ADHD, or maybe he has something else like depression? Are the lows related to things in his life like your relationship or just happen randomly? Maybe you can convince him to discuss with his pdoc or someone?
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