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Default Momís Cook Book

My 83 year-old mother wrote a cook book. Itís a thick, nicely bound spiral book with color images. She included many family photos of our immediate family including the first cousins. She mailed it to everyone, so she must have spend at least a couple hundred dollars on it. She worked on it a fairly long time.

Sheís been in a lot of pain with physical things including a broken wrist and hand that this book was good therapy for her to move.

But, hereís whatís wrong with what this narcissist did:

The title is the same one her sister wrote a cookbook of their motherís recipes many years ago. My mom simply stole it and made it her own, invalidating her sister. She sent a copy of her book to her sister, of course, rubbing it in her face.

The recipes are nothing that she ever made! The recipes are nothing that any of us ever made!

She asked me for a recipe from me for her book months ago, and I wouldnít give her one because I didnít want to be a part of this.

She paints the picture that she wants our family to be like, but we never were! She fails to mention how she helped ruin most of the holiday dinners that I tried to make over the past two decades!

She included cute little saying that all of us said, as she remembers them, quoting us. Iím not sure if she got it right or she twisted everybodyís words. I canít even bring myself to read it. It makes me too anxious.

Now she will harp on me to read and discuss every word she wrote with her and rave about how fantastic she is. I wonít do this and it will be another source of stress between us.

My mother is quite a character, for sure.
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