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Default Extreme irritability.

So, I can't stand people lately, in general. I get irritated with the husband, the kids, the sister in law. Even my dogs are aggravating me. I just want to be left alone, but I can't seem to get that. I don't know if it's a depressive episode coming on or if it's just overwhelm. I am raising three kids with special needs (ADHD, GAD, and dysgraphia in 11 year old. Asperger's and ADD in 9 year old niece, and Cerebral Palsy in 3 year old son), so it could be caregiver burnout? I don't know. I just know I would love a few days of no human contact!
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I'm sorry you are experiencing so much irritation. I'd have to say, based on what you wrote, I think it would be little short of amazing if you weren't struggling with caregiver burnout. And I would presume, sadly, depression & overwhelm may well be "fellow travelers" so to speak.

Here are links to 6 articles, from PC's archives, 3 on the subject of caregiver burnout & 3 that address overwhelm. Hopefully something in them can be of some help in figuring out how to proceed here:

Caregiver Burnout: The Importance of Self Care

Caregiver Stress | Mental Health Awareness

Self-Compassion as an Antidote to Empathy Fatigue

Overwhelmed? These 6 Strategies May Help

Feeling Overwhelmed? 5 Tips that May Help

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Default Re: Extreme irritability.

It sounds like you are burning out. Can your husband look after the kids for a few hours while you go out and get some along time?
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Default Re: Extreme irritability.

Welcome to Psych Central! It sounds like it could be some depression as well as burnout. You definitely need a break! Is there any way you can get someone to fill in for you some?
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