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Default What does this sound like?

My husband is having a great deal of difficulty. He's had some problems for years (before we even met) but it's gotten exponentially worse in the last couple of months. We're scheduled to see a new psychiatrist this week and I'm hopeful, but skeptical since he's seen multiple doctors over the years and been on many different medications. I'm just wondering if anyone has encountered symptoms like this.

Here's what I notice:
1) He's VERY sensitive about his weight. He's a normal weight and looks good, eats healthy and exercises. But weight is something he has to watch. He doesn't burn fat easily and used to be overweight. The thing is, if his weight goes up, it sends him into a foul mood. We're talking incredible irritability, lashing out at me. He gets very depressed.

2) He has problems with anger. According to him, he's always been like that. When he gets into the "red zone," his eyes go wild. He'll slam his hand on furniture, break things, throw things, yell. He's never hurt me but he has admitted he has wanted to -- and swears he wouldn't. I do believe him in that. In the rages he's had recently, the fact that he's been able to control himself on that score tells me he's not going to physically attack me.

3) He tests people. He's not good at communicating what he needs or wants, then gets angry and frustrated when people don't "get" him. He'll ask trick questions or set up a trap and when you don't do the right thing or come up with the right answer (which you'd have to read his mind to do), he takes that as a sign you don't love him/understand him/want to help him.

4) He refuses to listen to anyone else's point of view. He was having trouble getting a refill on a prescription that's supposed to help with his weight (which went up after his doctor prescribed a drug that caused weight gain -- HUGE problem). So, he wanted members of my family (not psychiatrists -- other kinds of doctors) to call in the refill. They refused because it's unethical and dangerous to prescribe psych meds to a family member and non-patient. They offered other advice and suggestions instead. He became convinced that they don't want to help him and that they're useless and they hate him. None of that's true but he will not hear otherwise. There's nothing people can do that would satisfy him.

5) He'll have these meltdowns at night. The next day, he's often much calmer and more rational. He admits that he knows his way of thinking is wrong. Yet he doesn't or can't do anything about it.

6) One minute he's practically in tears saying how much he loves me and how much he appreciates all I do for him and what I put up with. An hour later, he's got that look in his eyes and is accusing me of using him for his money (he makes more than I do), of not caring if he shot himself in the head in a ditch, of not loving him, of choosing everyone over him. All of this because I won't play along when he blasts people for being horrible people who don't care or won't yell at my family members for not violating medical ethics.

7) He gets really worried about his health, obsessing about any little ache, pain or change.

8) He does irrational things like a toddler having a tantrum. One night he told me to call my parents to tell them I put him first. Do it by the count of five or we're divorcing. Fine, I said, and started to get my phone out. He counted to five fast and threw up his hands saying "There. We're getting a divorce." I calmed him down. But he'll do things like that.
He's also become convinced that I was sexually molested by a family member and brainwashed into forgetting. I know that's not true. I know my family and it is NOT true. But he will not let it go.

Has anyone experienced behavior like this? He's been treated for anxiety and depression but the only drug that worked (Abilify) caused the problematic weight gain.
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Default Re: What does this sound like?

I couldn’t guess any diagnosis. His behavior sounds volatile and threatening. I hope you can get him back to the doctor asap.
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