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My Mood: I believe my friend have Schizophrenia?

Default I believe my friend have Schizophrenia?

I want to apologize ahead of time if this isn't the right section or right term?
First I just wanna say I'm no doctor or have any knowledge etc of schizophrenia.
But I do have a close friend who I believe is? I've known this close friend since HS going back to 2002 been good friends since. Back in 03/04, he got hit by a pickup leaving him for dead after a month in the hospital he was told he would have side-effects so his doctor put him on medication. Fast forward several yrs later he meets a woman 15+yr older than him at first he tells me he thought she was a few yrs older like 5yrs but later found out she was in fact 15 yrs older almost as old as his mother. Now here's where I believe he's either paranoid or schizophrenic we call each other on a daily basis just to see how the other one's doing no harm. There are day's he's in a good mood and other days where he'd be pissed over the dumbest things. I try to be the good friend and tell him to stop worrying or I'd just go along with what he's saying. Like he claimed someone stole his identity on 4 different occasions now I'm not saying he was lying but he claimed it happens/ed every other day? Now back to that woman I mentioned I, won't use her real name so I'll call her Jane. My friend is always telling me he and Jane would hang out but then there are days if I call him up and he'd be like Man I'm done talking to Jane I believe she has people following me or their spying on me? Again I try to tell him maybe your just thinking that or I just say Wow man I really don't know what to say which is true. Believe me, he accuses Jane of spying on him all the time. Which I know isn't true cause well that would be stalking? He claimed in the beginning when he met her they would have sex all the time then he'd get mad at her for the dumbest things like a miss phone call or if she's running a few minutes late btw their not dating. He'll get all pissed off how do I know this cause he tells me. Here's why I come in he's always accusing me of having Jane Spy on him and no matter how many times I tell him I don't have her number or talk to her he still doesn't believe me. In fact, I, his mother, and even before his GrandMother passed way told him the same thing she's bad news, He even claims a Taxi driver he knows says the same thing. I'll give you an example. He will call or I will call him up he'll tell me about his day where he went etc we'll talk for a bit hang up and then 5 minutes later he'll call me up and accuse me of spying on him or having his friend Jane spy on him for me? I usually just say No man I don't have her number or talk to her but I don't think he believe's me. He does tell me he sees a psychiatrist but I don't know if their planting things in his head? We get along just fine but I'm coming to the point where I can't take being accused of something I didn't do or have any involvement in. Please help.
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My Mood: I believe my friend have Schizophrenia?

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I don't know as there is much of anything I can offer here personally with regard to this. However here are links to some articles, from PsychCentral's archives on the subject of how to talk with a person who is suffering from delusions:

My best wishes to you...
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My Mood: I believe my friend have Schizophrenia?

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Default Re: I believe my friend have Schizophrenia?

It's not uncommon for people to become psychotic after a head trauma... that is the unfortunate reality of life. He may or may not have schizophrenia; I cannot tell that. But if he seems to make out things he could have various disorders ranging from compulsive lying to full-blown delusions, that remains for a psych doc to assess.

I wish him best of luck, I cried a little while reading your post, as I myself have suffered a brain injury since I was an infant, and repeated blows to head after that, leading me to become a fragile little burden.

The best advice I can give is, you should inform your nearest doctor about his condition and get him verified through records he visits a psychiatrist. If he does, good, no further action needed (I think at least) but if he doesn't it's time to convince him to get professional help.
I believe my friend have Schizophrenia?
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