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Default Trying to help my daughter

I have an emotionally fragile 21 year old living at home who wants to be on her own but doesn't know how. She's on meds that work well for her bipolar, in CBT therapy and just starting EMDR for PTSD.
I feel like I am missing something when it comes to helping her. She wants to be at the same place everyone else her age is at but doesn't want to go to college and is insulted and indignant at the idea that no matter what she would do career wise she would have to start at the bottom and work her way up.
I struggle with am I doing too much or not enough to help her get out of life what she desires, and then there's the question of is any of this a realistic plan?

Thanks for listening!
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Default Re: Trying to help my daughter

Does she have any idea what she wants to do as a living?

I took a list of highest paid Associates degrees (2 year degrees) matched them with what was available at our local community college. I gave him a choice of picking one or I would pick one. He didn't pick one so I did for him. I picked web development because he likes computer and Art. At first he took 2 classes, then 3, then 4. Now he's in 3 clubs and getting into their honor society. Here's a list of top 20 AS degree's If she goes fully part time (2 classes each semester) it'll take her around 5 years to complete it but it's something to work for.

You could have her work part time but she wont make nearly as much as she would if she got an associates degree in a high demand job. Even just starting out at the bottom of it. I find school easier to do then part time work. She may even be able to do it most online.

I'm not saying it's easy because it's not. My son still needs him meds and therapy but he'll have something that he accomplished that he can be proud of. He doesn't really care for web development but likes the programming aspect. So after his web development degree he's going to go after a game development degree.

There may also be rooms to rent near the college that you pay one monthly fee and it includes everything. So all she'd have to worry about is food and rent.
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