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Default Re: paranoia - psychosis?

I relate to Evey word u wrote, terrible experience , if u Google haarrp that might give u some insite? Or go see a doctor, hope u get this sorted xx
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Default Re: paranoia - psychosis?

yes, it is quite difficult to deal with, yet I just get on with my life. I just hate when weird things happen, or things I cant explain. I like to be in control at all times.

Recently the key to the main door of our apartment block was changed so the person in charge put the new keys in each of our letter boxes. When I went to look I had no key, so spoke to the person who was certain that she had given us a key, anyway, I looked a few times and there was no key.

We got another key cut anyway. One week later I open the letter box and there is a key, so I speak the the woman and she said she never put it there.

Now I cant stop thinking about possible scenarios. Noone apart from her knew we were missing a key (she could have put 2 keys in another neighbours letter box), but how would they have known it was my key they had, or that I was the one who didnt receive a key. The woman says she never told anyone about it.

Ive thought for a few years now that people are breaking into the house when I am not there to move things around. Sometimes I come home and a window is open or something, it is possible I just dont remember opening the window before leaving but it freaks me out.

So in this case Im thinking that the 'people' who are spying on me etc got to my letter box before me to get the key to the main apartment entrance so they could get a copy for themselves so they can continue getting access to the apartment, then decided to play a trick on me an return the original key I was supposed to have a week later, therefore messing with my head.

Why do I always have to see the negative side of things?

Is it possible for people to be spying/following/controlling my computer/phone/ at all times of day, different people, trying to wear me down mentally. 1000s of people would have to be in on this, it just doesnt seem possible to me
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Default Re: paranoia - psychosis?

i can literally relate to your post. i've had this for years now. i don't trust no one. i currently have no friends, no job (too paranoid to get one). Have things got any better ?
And members with such a problem, have you got any better and what meds did you use ?
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