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Default Newbie needs help

I'm hoping this site helps me I can't stop binge eating especially at night I don't eat all day thinking too been going good and losing weight I'm not really hungry when I eat at night but I do and I eat anything and everything in sight and I feel like crap when I'm done I don't know what to do I go into the day with the best of intentions and blow it everyday
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I don't know if this will be of any value. But one thing I read somewhere a while back (I think in an article in our local newspaper) was that one of the reasons people tend to consume sugar in particular in the evening is that the brain requires large amounts of fuel to operate. And sugar provides a quick burst of energy. So, from that perspective, what is happening to you may be that, since you aren't eating during the day, your brain becomes starved for energy & so it sort-of pressures you, so to speak, to eat at night to provide it with the energy it requires in order to function.

Here are links to some articles from PsychCentral's archives on the subject of binge eating. Perhaps they may be of some interest:

Also, family therapist, Kati Morton, has done quite a few YouTube videos related to the subject of binge eating. Here are links to a couple of them:

Hope some of this is helpful.
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Default Re: Newbie needs help

What I have done to help me with nighttime eating is to keep very little food in house. In particular I don't keep any chips, cookies, crackers, ice cream, or other easy to eat foods. Fruits and vegetables don't trigger binges for me. Neither do raw chicken breasts or frozen hamburger. So I'm safe with those. If I want a treat I have to go out and get it. Sometimes that is enough to keep me from doing it. Obviously that won't work if you have someone else living with you, but if so maybe they can hide the stuff that is most likely to trigger a binge.

Also I think you have to eat some during the day. Otherwise you'll be starving and will overeat as soon as you let yourself start.
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