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Default Rehab update

So as some know, I had significant problems with my dogs, one of mine and two were inherited, when they all came together, serious aggression. One was dog aggressive, people friendly,territorial in general; one was fearful of everything and could be fear aggressive and very protective of me; the other super sociable and knew no boundaries. I had to get help and went to a rehab facility. They've been home for some time now. It has been going really well. We've had a just a couple of tussles, which will never be able to be completely prevented, just like us.. we have disagreements from time to time too, but I now know how to handle them, no fuss, no more vet trips needed or to the ER for me anymore because it doesn't get that bad and have been able to manage it.

The nice thing is that have continued to work with the rehab group as discovered they do more than just rehab dogs/people with issues like aggression whether it be fear or outright aggression. They also do service training.... police work but have stepped out of it to try training for my disability, well one of them, the PTSD. They were up for the challenge.

My living situation was precarious, losing my home, and I was concerned if I had to rent, I could be denied because of the dogs. Most places here won't rent to pets. I looked into that they could be "emotional support animals" , one is understandable, even perhaps 2, but 3 of them is pushing it. They needed to be trained for service. So the rehabbers helped me to find something they could do to be "service dogs", which am more than grateful for given the situation. We weren't sure if it was going to work since this was new territory for them, let alone for me.

The one dog has been working on sensing PTSD flashbacks and to lick to get me out of a fugue. She did it tonight. It is astounding that the training worked, or could just be coincidence but it helped and she did as she was taught so we'll see over time but this was the first true incident since we started as I haven't had an episode in awhile; it is also why the training has been so long and will have to continue. It is the stress that is getting to me these days and not surprising the epsiodes are coming more frequently. The other critter is supposed to get my medicine, which she did. The third is not trained but she just laid at my feet, and wasn't expecting that. So now I might have 2 in service and 1 esa.

I cannot tell you how much more calming it was to come out of and amazing how my precious monsters came together. The training will continue but I'm just really astounded. The ironic part is I managed to scrape by the get financing to buy my first home, so I don't have to worry about renting. Funny that in the end. But my darling still my heart.

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Default Re: Rehab update


Thank you so much for posting the update. I've occasionally though of you and your dogs and wondered how you all were doing. I'm so happy that training worked out so well in handling the aggression and pack dynamics, and how wonderful that they're now training them to be service dogs as well. That's fantastic.

And congratulations on your new home.


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Rehab update

As some of you may know, my blog is currently off-line due to some problems at my previous site host. I'm working with my web master to rebuild and get back on-line.
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Default Re: Rehab update

I was thinking of you and your dogs as my computer booted and here is your post! Thanks for letting us know what's going on.
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